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MIDDLE EAST HEALTH is the leading independent English-language medical journal published in the Middle East and Levant. It has a targeted distribution of 15,500 copies and a total readership of more than 67,000 senior professionals and decision-makers in the healthcare industry throughout the Middle East. The journal has been serving the region for more than 30 years and is highly respected and well established in the regional medical sector.

Published bi-monthly (six times a year), the magazine covers a broad spectrum of medical specialties with a focus on new medical equipment and products. It reports the latest medical news from the region and worldwide. The magazine also runs interviews with leading figures in the industry, relevant research results, and informative features covering many specialties of medicine from cardiology to endocrinology and genetics to nuclear medicine.

The Middle East is an emerging market with expenditure on healthcare rising year on year. With rapid expansion in the private sector and with many countries in the region adopting mandatory health insurance policies, there is a new awareness of the importance of quality in healthcare and a concerted move to raise the level of medical care provided in the region.

Middle East Health aims to serve both its readership and advertisers with a view to furthering the provision of quality healthcare to the people of the region.

The magazine’s readership comprises senior healthcare professionals across all spheres of the industry including doctors & surgeons, hospital directors & administrators, pharmacists, laboratory scientists, government & ministry officials, purchasing personnel, importers, distributors & agents, academic staff and students of medical faculties.

Advertisers, manufacturers and exporters in the medical industry who are interested in this rapidly expanding market or who wish to strengthen their brand in the region, will find Middle East Health an ideal platform for this as well as an important medium to keep tabs on developments in the medical industry in the Middle East.

Middle East Health is distributed to the following countries in the Middle East:
Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Yemen.

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Publisher: Michael Hurst
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