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Middle East Health: Why did you setup Medfind in the Middle East

Sascha Winter: Our corporate offi ce is based in Germany and was founded by a doctor about 10 years ago. Throughout these years, the community we are working with, has risen to over 25,000 medical personnel. Some of these doctors are very interested to relocate to the Middle East and thatfs why we have decided to setup our activities locally to better serve clinics based here. It was also a logical measure to take, appreciating the fact that governments in the region are taking up steps to re-energize medical tourism and keep patients in their home countries, but at the same time benefi tting from German board doctors located within the region with higher quality treatment, including specialty medicine.

Middle East Health: Who is your clientele? 

Sascha Winter: We are very proud to be a recruitment partner with some very prestigious clinics in the region. We open doors to the German medical HR market for them and the fact, that we are even able to provide doctors which are hard to fi nd because of specialty requirements, for example cardiovascular surgeons and Arab-speaking female dermatologists.

Middle East Health: But isn't it very expensive to hire a German doctor?

Sascha Winter: It really depends on how much value you place on quality medical care. On one hand the salary expectations of a German doctor is higher when compared to other medical professionals from other parts of the world. However, that being said, the quality standard of medical education in Germany is unrivaled throughout the world and is highly recognized and coveted when looking at medical care in the Middle East.

Middle East Health: How do you stand out amongst your competition?

Sascha Winter: We are not a so called One-Stop- Shop. We are specialized in our fi eld. Some of our staff are former doctors themselves, so this medical background and expertise of our team allows us to provide comprehensive solutions for employerfs recruitment needs based on the type of vacancy or specialized service required. So, it is almost like doctors recruiting doctors and what better way to ensure quality professionals and a genuine understanding of the medial fi eld than someone trained and certifi ed in the profession itself.

  • Sascha Winter is the Managing Director of Medfind . German Medical Recruiting
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Date of upload: 16th Jan 2017

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