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Welcome to the New Year. We wish you prosperity, happiness and good health.

This issue is filled with news of select research that has been published recently in peer-reviewed clinical journals. The abundance of life science research emanating from labs around the world and being published in clinical journals on a daily basis is quite astounding. Scientific endeavour is now truly prolific. This is great news for the future of health care as the frequency of ground-breaking and innovative discoveries accelerates.

In this issue we cover a broad spectrum of news of published research – ranging from cardiology to synthetic life forms. Highlights include:

– A study that shows outcomes are better if heart surgery is performed in the afternoon as opposed to the morning.

– Research that shows a naturally occurring molecule, Resolvin E1, helps prevent and treat atherosclerosis

– The development of a vaccine for leishmaniasis

– A new gene-therapy that cures haemophilia

Also in this issue we look at antimicrobial resistance which is now rising to dangerously high levels worldwide. The WHO states that it is a global crisis we cannot ignore and warns that “if we don’t tackle this threat with strong, coordinated action, antimicrobial resistance will take us back to a time when people feared common infections and risked their lives from minor surgery”.

We report on the historic first heart transplant in the UAE performed by surgeons at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi. It is being hailed as a major milestone for the nation.

There have been several interesting developments in the region. Qatar has set up a national trauma registry, a first in the region; in the on-going effort to eradicate polio, the Islamic Advisory Group has issued a training manual on polio eradication for doctors; and a number of hospitals in the region have been recognised for their innovative use of information technology.

In world news, the International Diabetes Federation has released their latest Diabetes Atlas which shows the prevalence of diabetes continuing to increase worldwide; the World Hepatitis Alliance has issued a call for improved screening of expectant mothers and treatment of children; and a Dementia Discovery Fund has attracted a $50m investment from Bill Gates.

This is but a small selection of news and reviews in this issue. There are many more informative articles for you to peruse. Read on.


Callan Emery

(Jan - Feb 2018)

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