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Specialty Hospital in Jordan, one of the top 10 hospitals in medical tourism worldwide

Middle East Health: Please give us a brief about the Specialty Hospital in Jordan.
Eng. Shereen Abu Manneh - Head of Marketing and Business Development: The Specialty Hospital is a leading private teaching hospital, located in Amman - Jordan. It is fully equipped to provide a full range of in-patient and outpatient diagnostic, therapeutic medical and surgical procedures. Its capacity is 265 beds, with 1000 qualifi ed employees and serves 750 consultants who are dedicated to provide high quality care to our patients.

During the past 24 years the hospital has provided the highest quality care to more than 4.4 million patients, including 460,000 in-patient admissions, 920,000 ER visits and 172,000 operations for patients.

MEH: Do you receive foreign patients at the Specialty Hospital?
S.A.M.: Yes, the Specialty Hospital is well known in the region for treating foreign patients. We receive patients from more than 50 countries. Specialty Hospital is the fi rst and only hospital in Jordan to achieve the Medical Tourism Certifi cation from MTQUA. Recently the Specialty Hospital was ranked in the top 10 hospitals for medical tourism worldwide.

MEH: Do you have a special department for foreign patients?
S.A.M.: There is an International Office dedicated to facilitate treatment of foreign patients. The offi ce connects patients with the specialist prior to the patientís travel. The specialist will give initial diagnosis and a treatment plan with the length of stay and the estimated cost of treatment.

This office assists foreign patients with the issuing of visas, if required, transportation, accommodation, flight reservation, airport pick-up, admission and treatment, until the patient is discharged. They also provide and a tour of Jordan at the request of patients and their companions. The staff at the International Office will follow up with patients after they have returned to their country.

MEH: Which countries do they come from? And what procedures do they seek?
S.A.M.: Most foreign patients come from the GCC countries and from Iraq, Palestine, Oman, Sudan, Chad and other countries.

Medical tourists mainly seek major surgeries at the Specialty Hospital including cardiac, pediatric cardiac, bariatric surgeries, kidney transplant, orthopedic, dental surgeries, IVF and other sophisticated procedures. In addition to that some choose to come for medical checkups.

MEH: Why do they choose Specialty Hospital?
S.A.M.: The Specialty Hospital provides full range of procedures by highly qualifi ed staff and using the latest technology; it was the fi rst hospital in Jordan to provide Hyper- Baric Oxygen therapy and MRI 3 Tesla. And recently the radiology department expanded to have the fi rst CT 512 slices in Jordan and the fi rst Silent MRI.

In addition to having no waiting time, patients also receive high quality care since. The Specialty Hospital is one of the most awarded and accredited hospitals internationally. It is accredited by The Joint Commission International (JCIA) for three times, and accredited 3 times by the Health Care Accreditation Council (HCAC). Specialty Hospital is the fi rst and only hospital in Jordan to achieve the Medical Tourism Certification from MTQUA and was ranked from the top 10 hospitals in medical tourism worldwide.

Also the Specialty Hospital is first and only hospital to achieve King Abdullah II Award for Excellence for two consecutive cycles. In 2012 the hospital was awarded by Arabia500 for being from the top 500 companies in the growth rate in the past 3 years in the region. The hospital commitment to social responsibility to serve the local and the neighboring community was crowned by receiving CSR Arabia Award.

In addition to; MECCAward, Prince Faisal Award, ISO 9001, Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS 18001, Environmental Safety ISO14001, Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP for food safety, and quality management system for medical laboratories ISO 15189. In addition to all of that the Specialty Hospital was recognized from the Arab Hospitals Federation as The Best Hospital in The Arab World in Patient Centered Care.



Date of upload: 16th Jul 2017

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