LINET's complete solution for pressure ulcer prevention


LINET provides a complete solution for wound care management, but also prioritises the effective work of medical staff without any unnecessary physical exertion and risk of injury.

Bedsores affect 8 to 23% of hospitalised patients while specific numbers differ by the type of hospital and ward. The most effective healthcare against pressure ulcer is prevention. The benefits of preventive measures are immense - the patient does not suffer while the hospital staff is not over exerted and does not suffer from stress due to failure while cost-saving is also of significant value. Pressure ulcer treatment is 2.5 times more expensive than prevention!


Proven methods of prevention involved positioning and hygiene, change of the patient's overall health condition including nutrition. The key is using a high quality active mattress. LINET mattresses offer innovative technology suitable for various use for specific patients in various hospital departments with different specialisations. "

  • A new product is smart mattresses personally optimised for each patient based on weight, height and even position on the mattress. The new OptiCare mattress has 6 detectors to sense the patient's emersion level. It allows automatic adjustment of mattress pressure to suit individual patients' weight and position. Pressure on the patient's body is very low in all places and is optimally distributed. "
  • Active Virtuoso and Precioso mattresses working on an alternating principle are divided inside into separate segments filled with air. The therapeutic and preventive effect is achieved by the individual segments alternatively deflating and re-inflating. This results in the action of zero pressure on individual parts of the body at regular intervals. The mattress system contains 3 connected cells which alternate in a 7.5 minute cycle simulating the body's normal reaction to pressure. "
  • The mattresses work in coordination with the positioning options of LINET beds and create a single whole with them of effective pressure ulcer prevention. Multicare and Eleganza 5 beds are equipped in the lateral tilt with extended positioning options. This lateral tilt significantly facilitates a lot of nursing work with the bed patient, whereby the possibility of turning a recumbent patient to the side with the minimum of physical exertion clearly simplifies the positioning process. "
  • Multicare beds are equipped with the above standard clinical effect, with the ALT (automatic lateral therapy) function. ALT maintains the bed and patient on it in a constant cycle of programmed lateral tilts. It partially replaces the natural movement of the human body and acts preventively against pressure ulcers and severe respiratory complications. "
  • LINET beds are equipped with a unique mechanism called the Ergoframe, which during positioning extends the distance of the sections of the mattress platform in the pelvic area. Thus it respects the natural movement of the human body during positioning and acts preventively against the formation of pressure ulcers in the extremely risky pelvic area

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