Jul-Aug 2017


Timesco reusable laryngoscopes and preloaded single use handles

Timesco Healthcare Ltd, England, has been at the forefront of laryngoscopes design, manufacture and innovative developments in intubation for over fi ve decades.

Complete ranges of reusable “Optima”, “Sirius” laryngoscopes systems covering from neonate to adult intubation, as well as specialist, Robert Shaw, Seward, and diffi cult intubation “Eclipse” tilting tip blades are available.

Timesco’s range of laryngoscopes has been further upgraded by addition of LED light for the reusable and single use handles.

Timesco manufactures the world’s number one single use disposable fi bre optic laryngoscopes system “Callisto”, which is complemented with Callisto single use and Optima reusable LED handles.

The single use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

We have regional distribution in the Middle East and have an offi ce in Dubai, manager Mr Misbah Jabbar, email: misbah.jabbar@timesco.com, phone: 00971 508 451019.

Timesco is an ISO, FDA, CE and SFDA registered company.


Siemens launches new SPECT/CT

Siemens Healthineers has launched the Symbia Intevo Bold SPECT/CT – a system that combines the company’s singlephoton emission computed tomography (SPECT) technologies with new, highperformance CT capabilities to enable a wide range of clinical applications. These new CT options help make even challenging exams a matter of clinical routine.

Available on a Siemens Healthineers SPECT/CT system for the fi rst time, the SAFIRE (Sinogram Affi rmed Iterative Reconstruction) algorithm delivers excellent CT image quality while reducing patient radiation dose by as much as 60%. SAFIRE enables fast image reconstruction for easy implementation into a facility’s clinical routine. Additionally, SAFIRE reduces noise while maintaining detail visualization.

Also available for the first time on any of the company’s SPECT/CT systems, the iMAR³ (Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction) algorithm reduces metal-related artifacts caused by metallic materials, such orthopedic and dental implants. With this capability, customers can not only curb or eliminate artifact-induced distortion in CT images but also apply the CT images for attenuation correction to provide a more enhanced, accurate SPECT image.

The optional IVR (interleaved volume reconstruction) feature of Symbia Intevo Bold reconstructs overlapping CT images up to 32 slices to extract the maximum amount of diagnostic information from measured data, enabling evaluation of small structures such as lesions or fractures. IVR improves spatial resolution in the z-direction of all CT scans, regardless of pitch.

The single-source dual energy capability of Symbia Intevo Bold employs two sequential spiral CT scans operating at different kV levels to combine tissue information with disease morphology, improving image quality. Post-processing applications with the company’s syngo Dual Energy software include monoenergetic, Calculi Characterization, and gout.

In addition to these CT-optimizing features, the Symbia Intevo Bold SPECT/CT system offers established cutting-edge capabilities in SPECT imaging. For example, xSPECT Quant quantifi cation technology enables automated, accurate, and reproducible quantifi cation of not only Technetium- 99m – the most common isotope in SPECT imaging – but also Iodine-123, Lutetium-177, and Indium-111. This capability extends the use of advanced SPECT quantifi cation from general nuclear medicine and bone studies to indications including neurological disorders, neuroendocrine tumors, and prostate cancer.


Dickies® LabCoat with CERTAINTY Antimicrobial Technology™

Newly launched in the market, Dickies Medical Lab coats are made with our Certainty and Certainty PLUS antimicrobial fabric.

CERTAINTY PLUS TM features antimicrobial and fluid barrier fabric technologies. The combined technologies are available in durable, breathable, soft, comfortable and in fashionable range of lab coat for men, women and unisex.

The advanced technologies in CERTAINTY provide odour control and feature fluid resistance that causes many fluids to bead up and roll off the apparel. Products with CERTAINTY PLUS are enhanced with a revolutionary fabric technology that uses nanotechnology to create fluid and stain resistance without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric.

Healthcare workers and other scrubs-wearing professionals often work long hours in conditions that can produce undesirable fluids and odours. Now healthcare professionals can choose lab coats that resist liquids, feature antimicrobial fabric technology, remain naturally soft and breathe

  • To order: Products available on www.souq.com
  • For more info: www.dickiesmedical.com /
    Williamson-Dickie Middle East FZE 04 887 8223



Abbott brings Sekisui CP3000 coagulation system to Middle East

Abbott announced that the Sekisui CP3000 coagulation system, a fully automated analyzer that tests bleeding and clotting function in blood, is now available in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacifi c. Abbott is the exclusive global distributor of the CP3000 coagulation system in the US, Europe and other countries that recognize CE Mark.

The CP3000 coagulation system seamlessly integrates with Abbottfs suite of informatics solutions, which help accelerate effi ciency in high test volume laboratories where resources may be limited and space and time is at a premium. Capabilities like Abbott s AlinIQ informatics and service offerings streamline operations and provide intelligent laboratory insights through common reporting and dashboard views, make it easy for healthcare providers to read and interpret patient results. The system also connects to the ACCELERATOR a3600 automation track, which provides additional fl exibility to meet the needs of the laboratory.

Delays in coagulation testing are often related to sample errors and manual errors in the testing process. CP3000 coagulation system provides automated, standardized sample management, and can fl ag unsuitable samples at the start of testing. The system offers an expanded menu of barcoded reagents to reduce data entry errors. With a unique ability to visualize and automate Mixing Studies, the CP3000 coagulation system can help clinicians quickly interpret results.



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