Anaesthesia: Sedative may prevent delirium after operation with general anaesthetic
A mild sedative could greatly reduce the risk of people experiencing delirium after an operation with general anaesthetic, according to new research. The study, by scientists at Imperial College London and Peking University First Hospital, suggests sedating patients after they...

Arab Health 2017: Digital products for the hospital of the future
Taiwanese company Advantech was at Arab Health to show some of their solutions designed for the "smart hospital". The company is one of the leading players in digital healthcare and their products are used in several leading hospitals in the region, including Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi...
German healthcare tourism: Berlin - World-class hospitals for international patients
Berlin, the capital of Germany, is an historic, vibrant and culturally rich city. Lacking in natural resources, throughout its history Berliners have had to rely on their intellect and ingenuity to prosper in the world.

 Date of upload: 14th Mar 2017
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