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Next deadly pandemic poses global security risk
Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Philanthropist, gave an important speech at the 53rd Munich Security Conference on 18 February in which he draws the world’s attention to the very serious global security risks we face from pandemics and intentional biological attacks. Because of the gravity of his warning and solutions he offers, Middle East Health publishes his full speech to the conference.
Achievements and challenges in public health
The annual address of the WHO Director-General to the executive board is always a good measure of the current state of affairs in global public health. Middle East Health publishes an edited version of Dr Margaret Chan’s speech on January 23 in Geneva.The World Economic Forum (in January) identified rising income and wealth inequality as the most significant trend that will shape global development over the next 10 years.
Health system collapses – more than 10 million Yemenis in acute need
Yemen does not feature on many people’s radar, but it should as the country is fast headed towards a human tragedy of catastrophic proportions. Yemen’s healthcare system is in the process of collapse. Already thousands of people are dying from easily preventable illnesses because there is no medication available.

Date of upload: 14th Mar 2017
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