Mar-Apr 2017

Timesco’s Callisto Flare preloaded with LED single-use handles

Over the past decade Timesco has become market leader in the fi eld of laryngoscopy with an unrivalled range of quality brands; reusable: fi bre Optima, Sirius, standard Orion and single-use: fi bre Callisto, Freeway and standard Europa light.

Timescofs range of laryngoscopes have been further upgraded by addition of LED light for the reusable and single-use handles and standard blades.

The single-use Callisto range has been expanded with the addition of Callisto Flare LED single-use dry cell and preloaded handles which are supplied complete with batteries. The Callisto Flare LED handles are available individually and also paired with the Callisto blades, Freeway blades as handle and blade packs, ready to use.

Timescofs Callisto and Freeway singleuse laryngoscopes offer control of cross contamination, no reprocessing or autoclaving costs and convenience. In a recent study in the United States comparing costs of the reprocessing of reusable and singleuse laryngoscopes it was found that the reprocessing cycle cost for reusable blades and handles was $17 and if there was a Hospital Acquired Infection the cost would increase to $27.

The Callisto system is latex free, non-toxic and can be disposed in standard hospital waste. Timesco products are approved worldwide including ISO, CE, FDA, SFDA certification. Timesco Callisto laryngoscopes, your no: 1 inexpensive, cross contamination prevention and convenient choice. 

Hill-Rom enhances surgical solutions portfolio with launch of new mobile surgical table

In response to hospitals’ need to equip operating rooms with quality medical devices at a reasonable cost, Hill-Rom designed and developed the new TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table. The introduction of this surgical table enhances the Hill- Rom Surgical Solutions product portfolio by providing a cost-effective, reliable and fl exible operating table.

The TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table is now available in most countries in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

“The TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table is a universal table that is suitable for various surgical disciplines,” said Dr Dirk Ehlers, president of Hill-Rom Surgical Solutions. “It can be customized for different surgical procedures due to Hill-Rom’s broad range of available patient positioning components and accessories, addressing hospitals’ needs for higher patient acquisition and case numbers, while maintaining safety and efficiency.”

The new TruSystem 3000 Mobile Operating Table features ergonomic handling, long-term reliability and patient safety. All additional components, such as head sections, leg sections, arm supports and anaesthesia frames are easy to attach and dismantle through an intuitive, easy-touse, coupling system. The user interfaces are consistent in design, using easily recognizable icons, colours and symbols to ensure simplicity, effi ciency and safety. In addition, the backlit display of the remote control enhances ease of use and safety in low-light surgical environments. The table can bear weight up to 270 kg, which covers a broad variety of individual patient and surgical needs.

"Our ideas for this table did not stop at the ergonomic and safe handling in day-today clinical use. We also made this table very easy to service to ensure long-term performance and reduce maintenance cost as well as keep disruption of the OR schedule to a minimum," said Dr Ehlers.

EKF Diagnostics’ point-of-care HbA1c analyzers come with connectivity package to transmit data

The Quo-Test and Quo-Lab analysers from EKF Diagnostics now come with a connectivity package including a connector interface box, cables and a software upgrade, allowing the analyzers to transmit patient data to the majority of Lab Information Management Systems (LIS) in use today.

The connectivity package uses the POCT1-A2 communication protocol and unlocks a host of new features aimed at improving security and quality control.

For the first time, patient demographic information can be added to each result including name, date of birth and patient ID number. This enables patient resultsto be linked and traced throughout the healthcare system. There is also capacity to add commentary associated with each result so that other symptoms and observations can be recorded.

Operator IDs can also be added to each test result, improving the traceability and security applied to every HbA1c reading. A controlled list of trained operators assures that only those with suffi cient competency have access to the system.

In addition to these functions enhanced quality control is available with multiple user
defined QC lockout options, ensuring that tests can only be run according to localised quality assurance procedures. 


Intersurgical makes leading devices for respiratory support

Intersurgical is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of medical devices for respiratory support.

They provide fl exible patient solutions for airway management, anaesthesia, critical care, and oxygen & aerosol therapy primarily for use within the hospital environment but also in the home.

Some products within the extensive range include:

  • i-gelR . the innovative second generation supraglottic airway device designed to create a non-infl atable, anatomical seal of the pharyngeal, laryngeal and perilaryngeal structures whilst avoiding compression trauma.
  • VariFit. . a single patient use hospital NIV mask featuring a cushion with AIRogelR technology and a breathable, quick release headgear, designed to fi t easily to the patient and improve patient comfort. . Pulmo-Protect.
  • a low resistance with a high bacterial and viral effi ciency fi lter designed to protect the patient and equipment during lung function tests.
  • TrachSeal™ - closed suction systems which enable a clinician to clear the lungs of secretions whilst maintaining ventilation and minimising contamination with the least possible disruption to the patient and exposure to the care provider.

With over 30 yearsf experience in this area, they understand the changing and challenging clinical environments and needs of their customers and patients. They believe the best way to maintain the highest standards in design, manufacture, quality and customer care is to have complete control of these aspects of their business. Their integrated in-house philosophy means they are able to respond quickly and effectively to their customers and consistently meet their requirements.

Innovation is an important aspect of their business in all areas, helping them to deliver high quality products and services whilst allowing them to provide cost effective solutions to meet todayfs needs.

Their goal is to provide best practice respiratory product solutions for patients and clinicians, offering quality, innovation and choice.

Medtronic’s new single-handed powered stapling system provides real-time feedback during surgery


Delivering on its commitment to develop and expand minimally invasive surgery (MIS) technologies and capabilities, Medtronic has launched its Signia Stapling System, which provides surgeons with real-time feedback and automated responses to that real-time data.

The Signia system includes 'Adaptive Firing' technology that measures the fi ring force and adjusts the staplerfs speed based on tissue variability measurements, allowing for consistent staple lines.

Human tissue differs in thickness throughout the body and its organ systems. For example, tissue is thinnest at the top of the stomach and thickest at the bottom of the stomach near the small intestine. Adaptive Firing technology can detect the variability of tissue and automatically adjust the staplerfs speed during MIS procedures; this allows surgeons to fire staples consistently and evenly. The Signia system also offers surgeons one-handed staple firing, allowing them to free up their other hand and stay focused on the surgical site.

"In my experience to date, I believe the articulation, rotation and firing of the Signia system provides an important new option in the performance of minimally invasive surgical procedures," said Dana Portenier, MD, FACS, co-program director, Duke Minimally Invasive and Bariatric Fellowship division chief, Duke Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery Duke Regional Hospital, chairman of surgery. gIts ability to provide the surgeon with helpful data and real-time response has the potential to contribute to more informed surgical decisionmaking."

Chris Barry, senior vice president and president of the Surgical Innovations business, which is part of the Minimally Invasive Therapies Group at Medtronic, said: "The Signia system is a first-of-its-kind stapling system and represents our commitment to pioneering intelligence-based minimally invasive surgical solutions. Ultimately, healthcare should help patients get better, faster with less pain; MIS delivers on that commitment."

The Signia system is launching initially in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan. It is expected to roll out to additional global geographies during the companyfs fiscal year 2018.

Philips launches Azurion – a next-generation imageguided therapy platform


Philips has launched Azurion . a next-generation image-guided therapy platform, which forms the new core of its integrated solutions portfolio for the fast-growing image-guided therapy market.

Philipsf Azurion image-guided therapy platform for interventional labs is the result of a multi-year development program conducted in close collaboration with leading clinicians in the fi eld. This next generation platform features a state-of-the-art ergonomic design with an easy-to-use intuitive user interface, enabling clinicians to swiftly and confi dently perform a wide range of routine and complex procedures in the interventional lab.

Azurion supports a full range of confi gurations across a broad spectrum of image-guided therapy procedures. These include confi gurations for high volume routine procedures and fl exible confi gurations for advanced procedures. Harnessing vital procedural information from various sources, such as imaging systems, interventional devices, navigation tools and patient health records, Azurion provides interventional staff members with the control and information they need to perform procedures effi - ciently.

The Azurion platform also features over 1,000 new components, including an enhanced
flat-panel detector, and Philips' newly developed ConnectOS operating system for the seamless integration of real-time information from all relevant technologies in the interventional lab. 



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