Lifestyle Diseases: Obesity, statins and the Elipse Balloon
Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia among countries showing high increase. Despite the rise in obesity, more children and adolescents remain underweight than obese globally, highlighting the need to improve food security to tackle, at the same time, under-nutrition and excessive weight gain, according to a report in The Lancet....read more

Lifestyle Diseases: Misdiagnosis of diabetes type renders treatment inefficient
Diabetes mellitus is one of the major healthcare challenges in the UAE with close to one in fi ve adults currently affected. It places a substantial burden on society not only due to the material costs of treatment of diabetes...read more

United Kingdom Report: The NHS – transformation and restructuring
The National Health Service in England which was launched in 1948, now services nearly 1 million patients per day ‘from cradle to grave’ free at the point of care, and it is recognized by many to be one of the most efficient healthcare delivery systems in the world. However, the challenges...read more
United Kingdom Report: New surgical approach for total hip replacement allows faster rehabilitation, no muscle damage
Recently there has been an increase in interest in performing hip replacement surgery by less invasive means, and by smaller incisions. Some of these so called minimally invasive techniques however are only...read more
United Kingdom Report: Innovative lung volume coil reduces severe emphysema symptoms
Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care provide pioneering diagnostics and treatment to international patients with heart and lung conditions. Many of our consultants are world leaders in their field and offer some of the most sophisticated treatment available...read more

Date of upload: 16th November 2017
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