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Egypt - Sale of human organs banned in move to clamp down on illicit organ trade (Sep 2011)
Egypt has a new law banning the sale of human organs, imposing severe restrictions on transplant operations for foreigners, and stipulating long jail sentences and huge fines for violations. 

Egypt Report - FGM/C still widespread, says WHO-funded study
Despite efforts by the authorities, NGOs, and international agencies to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C), the practice is still widespread in Egypt and deeply rooted in the minds of the people, according to a study funded by WHO.
Egypt Report - New report warns of HIV epidemic
A new report says Egypt is moving towards a “concentrated HIV epidemic”, as an increasing number of HIV patients are being recorded. 
Egypt Report - Nearly a third of children malnourished – MoH, UNDP
Despite a number of positive economic indicators, Egypt has a hunger problem: Nearly a third of all children are malnourished, according to a new report compiled by the Ministry of Health and the UN Development Programme (UNDP).
Egypt Report - WHO to probe possible symptomless carriers of H5N1
The World Health Organisation was due to send a team of doctors to investigate the recent resurgence of bird flu – H5N1 – in Egypt, particularly as nearly all of the recent cases have occurred in young children and almost none have died...
The burden of over population
Despite a well-established healthcare infrastructure, Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population is struggling to provide equitable healthcare to all its people. Callan Emery reports.

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