Regional Reports


India Report - India makes its mark on global medical tourism map  (Jul 2013)
More than 50 countries have identified medical tourism as a national industry. Many hospitals in these countries have established international patient services departments in an effort to facilitate medical tourism and attract foreign patients to their facilities...
United Kingdom Report - A changing landscape (Nov 2012)
Kevin Kiely, Founder & Managing Director of Medilink in Yorkshire, and International Executive for Medilink UK, outlines the changes that are taking place to modernise the United Kingdom’s Life Science sector.
International Report – Germany - The Export Genius (Sep 2012)
Germany is the largest economy in Europe and relies heavily on revenue from its export market. This is particularly the case in the medical sector, where it is a powerful global player. Shaun Benton looks at the current state of the German medical export market...

India Report - Expertise and low cost makes sub-continent an attractive healthcare destinationz
Middle East Health visited several leading hospitals in key cities in India to assess the current status of health tourism to the sub-continent.

Tough times for healthcare SMEs in the UK
With government spending cuts across the board in the United Kingdom, including healthcare, small and medium sized enterprises in the healthcare industry are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their products in the National Health Service and are being forced to look abroad. 
Pakistan Report - Lady Health Workers
Pakistan’s army of “Lady Health Workers” – some 90,000 strong – was never meant to diagnose and treat serious illnesses. Instead, these female community health workers were expected to teach good hygiene and nutrition, provide family planning advice, monitor pregnant women, weigh and vaccinate babies and treat minor ailments.
International Report – Germany - Hub of innovation
Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and the healthcare sector is a key part of this. Mathias Marx provides an overview of the healthcare industry in Germany and finds it well positioned to compete in an increasingly global market place.


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