Regional Reports


Lebanon Report - Clemenceau Medical Center cares for patients from Lebanon and the region (Jul 2016)
Clemenceau Medical Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International is an ultra-modern medical center in Beirut. Its mission is “Caring, Safety, Excellence”, aiming to provide quality healthcare services for patients from Lebanon and the region.
Lebanon Report - Syrian refugees put strain on health care (Jul 2015)
A report issued by the World Health Organisation last year outlines the ongoing pressure on the healthcare system caused by in an influx of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war. Middle East Health reports.
Lebanon Report - AUBMC initiates preventive cardiology programme (Jul 2014)
The American University of Beirut Medical Center recently launched a new heart attack prevention initiative. Callan Emery spoke to Dr Wael Al Jaroudi, the Director of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, and Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology in the Department of Internal Medicine at AUBMC, about the initiative.
Lebanon Report - Lebanon’s leading hospitals continue to attract foreign patients  (Jul 2013)
Lebanon is renowned as a tourist destination. It has many attractions including several UNESCO World Heritage sites. Its Mediterranean climate is a major drawcard with cool winters with good skiing in the mountains and dry warm summers with attractive beaches.
Lebanon Report - Scratching the surface (Jul 2012)
On the surface, Lebanon, a small, reasonably well developed country whose capital was the seaside jewel of the Mediterranean, appears to be forging ahead economically, its people content to go about their daily life – business as usual. 

Lebanon - Expanding to meet growing demand (Sep 2011)
Decades of war and international sanctions have turned Iraq into one of the worst places for children in the Middle East and North Africa, with around 3.5 million living in poverty, 1.5 million under the age of five undernourished and 100 infants dying every day, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warns.  

Well on the road to healthy recovery
The standard of healthcare in Lebanon is remarkable considering the relatively short time it has had to develop following the devastation of the civil war. Middle East Health visited three key hospitals in the capital Beirut to find out more.

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