Regional Reports


Syria Report - Getting medical aid kits into Syria is no easy task
(Jul 2013)  

Getting humanitarian supplies into conflict zones like Syria is no mean feat, often requiring negotiations with warring parties, braving insecurity and facing repeated delays and logistical challenges.
Surgery in a cave - Treating the wounded in the Syrian civil war
(Jan 2013)
British surgeon Paul McMaster recently returned from Syria, where he treated the wounded in an operating theatre set up by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in a cave and then on a farm. He reflects on his experiences.
Syria Report - Syrian air force fires missiles at Aleppo hospital
(Sep 2012)
Syrian government fighter planes fired rockets that struck the main emergency hospital in an opposition-controlled area of Aleppo on 14 August 2012, wounding two civilians and causing significant damage, Human Rights Watch said in a statement after visiting the damaged hospital.
MSF assisting Syrian refugees, renews request to enter Syria
(Sep 2012)

As the crisis in Syria intensifies daily, the humanitarian needs – both in Syria and in surrounding countries – are increasing significantly. Many people have been killed and wounded and tens of thousands have fled their homes, leaving behind everything they own.


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