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Allscripts healthcare IT expands to the Middle East

Middle East Health speaks to Rich Berner, President of International at Allscripts, about the Allscripts Population Health Management tool. The company is expanding its operations to the Middle East.


Middle East Health: I understand you are planning to launch Allscripts Population Health Management tool in the Middle East. Can you explain what Allscripts is?

Rich Berner: Allscripts provides innovative healthcare IT solutions that enable governments and healthcare providers to improve their clinical, financial and operational results as well as the overall health of the populations they manage. Our software is designed to help organizations achieve world-class quality by implementing state of the art decision support that emphasizes best practices and ease of use. In the Middle East we offer our full range of electronic medical record, community wellness, and population health solutions, along with a commitment to world-class support. Our solutions are built on a flexible, open platform that connects information and optimizes workflows. With Allscripts solutions care givers can see harmonized patient data from disparate sources, help engage patients in their own care, and use risk stratification to segment populations and prioritize care interventions. Our leading analytics provide physicians with dashboards to monitor patient care proactively. Our solutions help healthcare providers move from reactive care to predictive care.

Middle East Health: How does it work?

Rich Berner: Our electronic health record solutions work by providing clinicians the patient information they need at the time they need it, even on a mobile device. We offer advanced clinical decision support and eliminate the need for paper records. Our population health management solutions work by aggregating and harmonizing patient data from disparate sources to provide a single view of the patient record no matter where the patient was treated. Our population health analytics solutions analyse the harmonised patient data to assist with chronic disease management and risk stratification.

Middle East Health: Who should use it?

Rich Berner: Caregivers, IT staff and finance employees in healthcare organisations who are interested in improving their clinical, financial and operational outcomes.

Middle East Health: Where is it currently being used?

Rich Berner: Currently our products are used by over 180,000 physicians and more than 13,000 healthcare organisations in the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Guam, Canada, and the United States.

Middle East Health: What benefits can these organisations, the community and individuals expect to reap from this tool?

Rich Berner: Allscripts has five key solutions that can help Middle East healthcare providers proactively and predictively improve the health of the populations they manage as well as improve their clinical, financial and operational results:

  • Allscripts Population Health Management, which facilitates performance management, risk stratification and cost control. It makes data accessible and actionable within native workflows.
  • Sunrise Acute Care, which is our interdisciplinary clinical solution that improves quality scores and patient safety, integrated on a single platform across all departments in the acute, outpatient and primary care setting.
  • Allscripts Clinical Performance Management, which helps monitor and improve clinical performance to improve outcome quality and clinical decisionmaking.
  • Allscripts EPSi, which brings together all the major components of financial management to optimize spending and cost control.
  • Allscripts Patient Flow, which automate complex labor and operational processes to save costs and reduce wait times for beds.

Middle East Health: How much does it cost?

Rich Berner: Costs vary by solution, by organisation size, and by number of users on each system. Since our platforms are customisable, its hard to state one cost for the system, as it depends on the needs of each individual organisation.

Middle East Health: When are you planning to launch the product in the Middle East? In which countries?

Rich Berner: Allscripts is committed to being a local company with a leading, local presence. Were investing heavily in the region and plan to open our Middle East headquarters in Riyadh this year. We had a successful show at HIMSS Middle East in April and have been meeting with the many providers who were excited to learn Allscripts is entering the market and wanted to learn more about our solutions. We are confident Allscripts can help the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and caregivers improve the overall health of the population like no other provider and look forward to collaborating to do so.

Date of upload: 16th May 2014

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