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The story behind Turkey’s leading manufacturer of LED operating lights

With its fast growth amid the competition, Etkin Medical Devices’s LED operating lights continues to be the choice for hospital management teams and surgical staff who are looking for the balance between high quality and affordable price. Etkin Medical Devices, Turkey’s only native manufacturer of LED-based operating lights, has been in business since 1996. It runs its operations from its headquarters in Izmir, Turkey. Hasan Kara, Founder and General Manager of the company, spoke to Middle East Health about Etkin Medical Devices’ products and the organization.


Middle East Heatlh: Could you tell us about how Etkin Medical’s ETC LED Operating Lights came into life?

Hasan Kara: Etkin Medical Devices (Etkin Týbbi Cihazlar in Turkish language) was established in 1996 and since then we have been operating in technical service and sales and marketing of medical devices. Before taking the role of a manufacturing company, we were the first Turkish dealer to sell a LED-based operating theater light in Turkey. Relying on our years of experience of selling imported LED-based operating lights and trusting our knowledge of the operating lights market, we embraced the idea of a native LED-based operating light system that is manufactured in Turkey with the expertise of Turkish scientists and engineers. In order to realize this idea in the real world, we went through a transition of restructuring our organization to be a manufacturing company. During the Research and Development stage, with the support of TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and with workmanship of a completely Turkish team of engineers, the finished product showed results and performance above world standards. We soon acquired a big market share in Turkey. Currently we are the only true manufacturer of LED-based operating lights in Turkey that competes with European brands.

Middle East Health: Do you have other business fields besides manufacturing operating lights?

Hasan Kara: Yes, in general we can group our operations in three areas. The first group is the operating light manufacturing and selling; Interview the second group is the import and sales of equipment for radiology, anesthesia, surgery, intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics and sterilization in Turkey; the third group is the technical service, calibration of medical devices and laboratory services.

Middle East Health: What is Etkin Medical’s target market?

Hasan Kara: Naturally the Turkish market is important to us. We would like to keep our dominance in the operating lights market and continue to be a technology developing company in Turkey. The international market is becoming more vital for our business. We believe that we will be successful with our product quality and our Turkish brand. We are working on the necessary steps and collaborations for this. Any country market that gives us a competitive advantage is ourtarget market. We will give priority to the Middle East market and to the neighboring regions surrounding Turkey.

Middle East Health: What can you tell us about the competitors of ETC LED operating lights?

Hasan Kara: Manufacturers of the top quality and best designed operating lights are our true competitors. As we know, most of these companies are from Europe, especially from Germany. Our high quality product and the low price of ETC operating lights provides us with a considerable competitive advantage over these elite companies of Europe.

Middle East Heatlh: You have achieved remarkable success in the Turkish market. What do you owe this success to?

Hasan Kara: The ETC LED Operating Lights Project was completed in 2010 with goverment support we received from TUBITAK. During our R&D stages, we were able to develop the high quality product, which now helps us to rub shoulders with the best operating lights manufacturers in the world. After the two-year-long R&D process we were able to launch our highly competitive Turkish-made product into the market. The Turkish engineers and technicians are behind this success, and of course goverment support for local enterprise development helps as well.

Middle East Health: What about reference points that were taken into account during the design and production of the ETC Operating Lights? What were they?

Hasan Kara: Compliance with international requirements for the operating theaters, an innovative light head design that is ergonomic and that eliminates the effects of laminar flow were targeted. The most suitable LEDs that provide the best illumination, which can successfully fit in the light head were selected to provide the best combinations for the high performance. In addition, we did give plenty of consideration to simplicity and comfort for the surgical staff’s benefit.

Middl East Health: What are your plans for the next three years?

Hasan Kara: We want better recognition in the international market and develop a strong export business in next three years. In addition, our R&D department is working on new and different projects other than operating lights. We want to deveop these projects into profitable businesses. We plan to offer operating room equipment and radiology equipment for the Turkish medical market and world markets. Our main objective is to provide high quality products and services to medical professionals and this encourages us to deliver better solutions to our customers as we grow each year.

Among the fastest 100 growing companies
Middle East Health: What can you tell us about the growth of the Etkin Medical Devices?

Hasan Kara: Our operating light manufacturing line and our R&D department are two main engines that triggered our fast growth through providing solutions for the demands and needs that come from the medical market. As you may know our company, Etkin Medical Devices, was selected as one of the fastest growing 100 companies in Turkey in 2013, with a growth rate of 109%. During an official ceremony we received our award from the Minister of Development of Republic of Turkey. We have increasing demand from both state hospitals and private hospitals. In order to meet the increasing demand and to move to mass production to increase our manufacturing capacity we are looking forward to moving our facility into a larger space in the Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone in Izmir, which is one of the most well known industrial and technology production zones in Turkey. We plan to build a new facility with a $2 million investment. This new building will help us meet the manufacturing demand we are facing and be an environmently friendly, energy smart and waste management ready facility.

Middle East Health: How are you able to develop the technical know-how that is required to support the success path you followed?

Hasan Kara: We pay attention to the efficiency level of our personnel and we always have an adequate number of staff that are qualified and experienced in manufacturing, technical support, sales and customer service operations. We owe our success to our team of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Physicists, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Quality Management Specialists, Biomedical Technicians and Electrical Technicians that work hard and support our company’s growth as a family. In addition, we also operate a Biomedical Metrology Laboratory. Repair and maintenance of radiology equipment; and calibration, testing, inspection, quality assurance control, and system analysis of most medical devices are managed through our laboratory and its mobile staff. This is the only biomedical laboratory in Izmir and the surrounding region. These amenities allow Etkin Medical Devices to be one of the few trusted medical technology companies in Turkey that can provide its own technical and metrology application services.

Date of upload: 16th May 2014

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