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The times are over when hospitals, doctor’s offices and laboratories were completely kept in sterile white. More and more often you see a consistent design and colour concept in laboratories, also called Corporate Identity. No matter if you like to create colourful accents or even choose one colour for all surfaces, your design possibilities are almost endless. The combination of different materials like wood with granite or the mixture of cold and warm tones gives your laboratory design that little extra something you are looking for. You have a wish – we have the solution, true to our slogan “WE CREATE SOLUTIONS”. In this context, we do not limit ourselves only to laboratory furniture and laboratory table plates, but rather we also colour match our preparation cabinets for storing histological tissue samples with the corporate identity of your laboratory.

During production of high pressure laminate, fine paper layers as well as a thin eco-friendly melamine resin film are applied on top and bottom of a wooden base plate. Then, the different layers are pressed together under high pressure of 75 kg/cm³ and temperature of approximately 150 °C, making the furnishings colour fast and light insensitive; moisture resistant and hence suitable for damp environments; resistant against high temperature and most chemicals. Nonetheless you may not forget that good medical support also requires high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. For that reason, all of our laboratory furniture made of high pressure laminate is additionally coated with the antimicrobial Sanitized® coating with silver ions, which kills 99.9 % of bacteria within 24 hours.

Eco-Friendly Lab Solutions – For the good of your employees and the environment
Working in a pathology laboratory involves working with harmful substances such as gases, fumes or suspended particulates. With every breath, laboratory staff runs risk of taking up those harmful substances. We have taken this issue to heart and created eco-friendly working tables for slicing and preparing histological tissues with integrated permanganate carbon filters that provide a pollution-free working environment while preserving energy and resources. By using such filters, we en-able our customers to permanently reduce their operation costs by up to 30%. The reason for this is the fact that these tables do not have to be connected to a sitemounted exhaust system. The integrated ventilation systems take over the job of filtering and purifying contaminated air. The interesting thing about those filters is that contaminated air is being vacuumed downwards and even backwards throughout the entire working area preventing harmful substances from rising. Results have shown that the MAC value (maximum concentration value) for work involving formaldehyde and formalin are significantly underscored.

Additionally, these special working tables have a soundproofed exhaust fan that substantially reduces the noise level to a minimum and to top it off, the tables are even being delivered ready for use. Hence, laboratory processes are not disturbed or even interrupted by expensive installation work.

This means for the user: Plug in and Work!
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