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Expert arthroscopic surgery at Belhoul Specialty Hospital

Middle East Health speaks to Dr Dhaval Sagala, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon at Belhoul Specialty Hospital, Dubai about his specialty and orthopaedic surgery in general.

Middle East Health: Please tell us about your specialty areas of surgery?

Dr Dhaval Sagala: I specialize in treatment of Sports injuries and shoulder problems.

Middle East Health: Can you give us some background about how you gained experience in these specialties? And where you have worked?

Dr Dhaval Sagala: I had my training through various fellowships and observorships, mainly in Pune, India; Singapore and; Seoul, South Korea. I have worked in many hospitals with reputed surgeons of India and South Korea. I mainly practiced in Ahmedabad, India before I started working in Dubai.

Middle East Health: In Dubai – what sport injuries do you mostly treat?

Dr Dhaval Sagala:The most common sports injuries I treat in Dubai are ligament injuries of the knee, Tennis Elbow, tendon ruptures of the heel and shoulder dislocations.

Middle East Health: Why are these types of injuries more common?

Dr Dhaval Sagala: These injuries are usually the result of either acute trauma (such as a football accident) or repeated micro trauma (such as Tennis Elbow). The main reason these injuries occur is that these sports people start playing without adequate warmup and stretching beforehand, as well as incorrect training and ignorance about safety precautions. I call them ‘weekend warriors’ – in other words those who just enter the sportsground without adequate preparations on weekends or after office work.

MEH: What are the main challenges you find in treating these injuries?

Dr Dhaval Sagala:The main challenges I commonlyencounter is to educate the patients about the nature of their injury, the available treatment options and the need for a proper rehabilitation program after any surgery. Most patients find themselves on such a tight schedule that they cannot have a proper rest and exercise program after surgery and hence don’t achieve satisfactory results after surgery.

Middle East Health: Can you tell us about working at Belhoul Specialty Hospital – the team you work with / the professionalism of the assistants?

Dr Dhaval Sagala: As a surgeon, I expect three things: Operation Room discipline; availability of full armamentarium and trained staff for any surgical work to be successful. Fortunately, I am working at a hospital [Belhoul Specialty Hospital] which has undoubtedly the perfect combination of all these three things. The operating theatre staff are well trained, sincere and caring. A successful surgery is not just dependent on the expertise of the surgeon, but also on the contributions of trained assistants, the operating theatre environment and the professionalism of all involved.

Middle East Health: Can you tell us about the specialised equipment you use in surgery?

Dr Dhaval Sagala: Looking at my specialty, which is shoulder and arthroscopic surgery: Shoulder surgery requires the most advanced equipment namely, a beach chair positioning operating theatre table, arm-holding spider, and so on. Similarly, arthroscopic surgery requires a specialized visualization system – camera, full HD medical monitor, arthroscope and precision tools. For shoulder surgery, the patient is placed in a beach chair position for surgery which is not possible with routine operating theatre tables. The arm-holding spider is a specialised, flexible arm-holding device, which allows the surgeon to place the arm in the required position during surgery. For arthroscopic surgery, the surgeon needs to have good visualization of the interior of the joint, which is only possible if you have a good camera, HD monitor and good arthroscope. In a nutshell, this equipment is like an extension of the surgeon’s hands, and the better quality they are, the smoother will be the surgery. Fortunately, Belhoul Specialty Hospital has the best available in the market.


Date of upload: 16th Sep 2017

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