Advantech Kostec medical monitors, designed for operating precision and diagnostic confidence

Aiming to provide the best medical image quality, Advantech Kostec medical monitors are designed for high-quality imaging with various sizes of full high defi nition (Full HD) and 4K ultra-high defi nition (UHD) resolution monitors. With DICOM Part 14 standard and 14-bit LUT Grayscale support, the KTSeries medical monitors ensure precise representation of grayscale images. Utilizing Backlight Levelling Technology (BLT), they maintain their brightness at the previously calibrated maximum luminance level (Lmax), and consistently match the Just Noticeable Difference (JND) level for image quality at each luminance step; thereby reducing backlight warm-up time and extending the lifetime of the monitor. Hybrid Gamma Encoding (HGE) technology will meet the demands for simultaneous monitor of colours and monochrome images on the same screen, which is very important for doctor reviews in the OR room environment. Besides outstanding image quality, Kostec medical monitors are equipped with a variety of analogue and digital interfaces, offering wide selection of connectivity to display images from various image sources. This characteristic allows users to continue using their legacy equipment without having to put additional expense into the hardware upgrade.

Surgical monitors
Keeping pace with the advances of endoscopic video cameras and meeting the needs for more assortment in size and function, Advantech Kostec has launched a 27h and a 32h 4K UHD monitors, 32h FHD monitors, and a variety of large-sized 4K UHD monitors to build up a full range of surgical product line, providing a full surgical display solution for OR system integrators.

Advantech Kostec surgical monitors come in widescreen sizes ranging from 27h to 55h, with flexible customization options that can be easily confi gured. With their innovative slim design, KT-Series medical monitors offer multiple I/O ports, which make them an excellent solution for doctor reviews anywhere in the hospital.

Diagnostic monitors
KT-D190 is typically for radiology applications, including Pixelworks DNX (Digital Natural Expression) technology. KT-D190 is 19h inches wide and can be easily placed without occupying too much space. A built-in front sensor, hidden behind the front bezel, allows the monitor to measure brightness levels and read colour temperatures for automated self-calibration to the DICOM Part 14 standard.



Key features

  • Full HD/4K
    Various sizes of full defi nition (Full HD) and 4K ultrahigh defi nition (UHD) resolution monitors.
  • Brightness Leveling Technology (BLT)
    BLT is a luminance auto sensing technology, it maintains brightness at the previously calibrated maximum luminance (Lfmax), consistently providing Just Noticeable Difference (JND) levels
  • 12-/14-bit LUT Grayscale
    12-/14-bit LUT grayscale is ideal for human eye recognition at the level of Just Noticeable Difference (JND), enabling accurate imaging performance and precision diagnosis.
  • DICOM Part 14 Compliant
    The grayscale values of each monitor are compliant with the DICOM Part 14 standard which provides the most accurate and consistent image quality over time.
  • Multi-Modality
    With widescreen high resolution formats and multiples I/O ports, KT-series of displays are excellent solutions for multi-tasking reviews in various medical applications.
  • Sub-division Uniformity Control (SUC) (for diagnostic only)
    SUC technology, sub-dividing the screen into multiple areas and gray-scaling in each area, is the best way to achieve backlight luminance and chromaticity uniformity without sacrifi cing intensity.
  • Built-in Front Sensor (for diagnostic only)
    A built-in Front Sensor (BFS) hidden behind the front bezel is designed to measure brightness and red color temperatures for automated self-calibration.


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